950AMARANTH, BURGUNDYCert. BD/OG(Amaranthus hypochondriacus)50 days.Young leaves for greens. Deep-red flowers resemble a giant upright Love-Lies-Bleeding. Seeds for grain. Self-sows readily.
S$3.00~200 seeds, sows 20 ft.
LG$6.25~600 seeds, 60 ft.
XL$12.50=0.25 oz., sows 600 ft.
971BROOM CORNCert. BD/OG(Sorghum bicolor)105 days.A type of sorghum. 8-10 ft. tall. Tops used for making brooms. Grain for cereal and bird food. Stunning as an ornamental.
S$3.00~50 seeds, sows 10 ft.
LG$6.25~250 seeds, 50 ft.
1+ oz.$12.50/oz. bulk rate
1+ lb$55.00/lb bulk rate
956FLAX, OMEGA BLUECert. BD/OG(Linum usitatissimum)60-70 days.Annual. A golden seeded variety with oil high in omega 3 fatty acids, which are known to strengthen the cardio-vascular system and reduce the risk of heart attacks. For food and cover crops.
S$3.00~100 seeds, sows 10 ft.
LG$6.25~600 seeds, 60 ft.
0.5 oz.$12.50
958FODDER BEET, MAMMOTH LONG RED MANGELCert. BD(Beta vulgaris)90-100 days.Relished by livestock. Enhances livestock health. Roots can grow 2 ft. long, about half growing above the surface. Flesh is tinted with a rosy red hue. Chefs have used thin slices of this beautiful enormous root as plates.
S$3.00~150 seeds, sows 25 ft.
1 oz.$7.00
4+ oz.$6.00/oz. bulk rate
959MARIGOLD, NEMATOCIDALCert. BD/OG(Tagetes minuta)100-120 days.For cover crop to deter nematodes (does not need to bloom to be helpful). Days to maturity refers to when this marigold produces small cream-colored flowers. Plant reaches 3-5 ft. developing small flowers late in the season in mild climates. The leaves of this marigold scent the air when cut and brought inside.
S$3.00=0.1 oz.
LG$10.00=0.5 oz.
475PHACELIACert. BD(Phacelia tanacetifolia)Bee Plant. Annual. The blue curled sprays of this little known flower are loved by the bees. Though a native to North America, phacelia is widely grown as a soil building cover crop on biodynamic farms in Europe. Bushy plants spread to 18 in. Sow 4 oz/1000 sq. ft.
S$3.00~100 seeds
1 oz.$6.25
4+ oz.$4.25/oz. bulk rate
1 lb$40.00
10+ lb$30.00/lb bulk rate
964RYE, WINTERCert. BD(Secale cereale)For baking and cover crop. This strain of rye is grown on the Hack Biodynamic Farm and has been saved for over 40 years. Sow 4-6 lbs/1000 sq. ft. We recommend saving your own seed if possible. This rye is of baking quality. For larger sizes and shipping cost please contact us at 800-930-7009 or
S$5.00=1 lb
965SUNFLOWER, PEREDOVIKCert. BD/OG(Helianthus annuus)90-100 days.HEIRLOOM Old oil seed annual cultivar from Russia. 4-5 ft. plants bear classic 4-8 in. sunflowers. Small black seeds for oil, wildlife plantings and bird seed. There were some multiple headed plants in our original seed stock, and we are still in the process of selecting it for only single heads.
S$3.00~25 seeds
LG$6.25~150 seeds
967VETCH, HAIRYCert. BD/OG(Vica villosa)The best vetch for cold climates. Nitrogen fixing, with lots of soil-building organic matter. Sow with or without grain for spring cover. Sow late summer/early fall for fall and over-winter cover with good spring re-growth. Can freeze out in very severe winters with little to no snow cover.
S$3.00=1 oz.
LG$6.25=4 oz.
968WHEAT, HARD RED WINTERCert. BD/OGWheat for bread or cover crop. Grown in the Hudson Valley of NY. Plant end of August to mid September. In the north, it can overwinter somewhat like rye. Ask your neighbors or extension agent for timing specific to your area. 4-6 lbs/ 1000 sq. ft. or 120-140 lbs/acre. Harvest in July -August. For larger sizes and shipping cost please contact us at 800-930-7009 or
S$5.00=1 lbs
960PUMPKIN, STYRIAN, NAKED-SEEDEDCert. BD/OG90-120 days.HEIRLOOM Unique variety from the Styrian region of Austria. This medium-sized, green and golden striped pumpkin is grown for its seeds! The shelless seeds are large, green, and absolutely delicious eaten raw or toasted, and can be pressed for oil. Harvest these mostly green pumpkins when there is a little orange amongst the green on the skin. Let sit in shade for 2 weeks before harvesting the seeds. Crack open the fruits and extract seeds, rinse briefly in water and set on drying racks in the shade with a fan on constantly. Store when completely dry.
S$3.00~25 seeds
LG$7.00~100 seeds